Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Act of Kindness Friday for Bloggers


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If you'd like to participate, read this to get started. It's simple and easy.

The blog I'm choosing for today is Monkeybox authored by the "Junkreator". Why do I like reading her blog? Well, she collects all kinds of things. I collect nothing. So maybe I'm living vicariously through her. hehe I enjoy reading about her shopping trips and viewing pictures of what she has bought to add to her collections. Head over and say hello. Check out her sidebar too. She has lots of pictures of items she has acquired.

If your blog was featured today, grab the "blessed by a RAOK" button for your blog.

Your turn! Share a blog with us. :)


Shara said...

Hello and thank you for the nice words. I appreciate it! This award is new to me so I will learn more about it and pass it on.

You don't collect ANTYTHING? WOW!

Bethany said...

thanks for stopping by!! :)

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by via SITS to say HELLO!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing this blog. Man, that chick is funny! I like seeing all the stuff she gets.

Kerri said...

Melanie, i want to do this tomorrow and I'm wondering if you will have a new Mr Linky up tomorrow. I'm writing my post right now and i want to put it up in the morning. Let me know!

Melanie said...

Hi Kerri :) I will have a new Mr. Linky up tomorrow although I don't know what time yet. hehe Thanks for participating!

Amy said...

I swung over via Sherrie and am loving this idea!

Sherrie said...

The link I posted is for this week. :)