Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Award!


Krissy over at Thinking of Blue has bestowed an award upon me. I feel so honored! This is Giving Without Spending's first award. Thank you Krissy!

The rules of this award are to list seven things you love and pass it on to seven bloggers you love. So here we go. :)

7 things I love:

-My family
-My friends
-Long naps
-A good movie
-Long relaxing, hot showers

7 blogs I love:

Is It Just Me?

The SAHM's Review

Tales of the Tightwad

It's Lovely, I'll Take It!

Sex Educations Perfect Example

On His Terms



Michelle said...

Thanks for the award! I will add it to myblog tomorrow.

Amy said...

YAY! Thank you for my award! Now if only my tart ass could figure out how to post it up on my blog! LOL!

angeljoy said...

Thanks hunny!
And BTW...I miss you!
(word verification--"hydracho" Is that some kind of water wierdo?)